www.aKidneyForLou.com has been launched to help find a kidney donor for a wonderful lady named Laurie (Lou), who lives on Vancouver Island in Bitish Columbia, Canada.

Lou has been told that she needs a kidney. She is currently undergoing dialysis, which means multiple trips to the doctor's every week, feeling unwell, and pretty much no life, until there is a kidney available for her.

This kind of life isn't much of one- unable to make plans to do anything in between all the doctors' appointments, unable to properly run her business, unable to travel, or do anything that most of us take for granted on a day-to-day basis.

Lou is not alone in this situation, but instead of sitting back and moaning about what has befallen her, she is reaching out to all the people out there with kind hearts and a kidney to spare through the establishment of this website!!!

  • DID YOU KNOW that in Canada, the average wait time for a kidney is approximately 5 years?
  • DID YOU KNOW that statistics show that the 5‐year survival of kidney‐transplanted patients is in the range 80–90% whereas among dialysis patients it is usually 50–60%?.
  • DID YOU KNOW that statistics show that a kidney transplanted from a live donor lasts 15 to 20 years on average, compared to 10 to 15 years for a deceased kidney donation?
  • DID YOU KNOW that statistics show that there are over 1,500 kidneys transplanted on a yearly basis in Canada?
  • DID YOU KNOW that a kidney from a living donor usually functions immediately, because the kidney is out of the body for a very short time?
  • DID YOU KNOW that potential donors can be tested ahead of time to find the donor who is most compatible with the recipient?

There are two main types of living kidney transplant donations:

Directed donation

  • This is when the donor names a specific person who will receive the kidney.It is the most common type of living donation and this is what this website is all about - asking you to donate directly to Laurie (Lou).

Nondirected donation

  • This is when a person does not name a specific person who will get the kidney. In this case, the donor is matched with someone in need. This also applies if you have agreed to give your kidney to a specific person such as Lou, but then find that you are not a compatible match. You can still benefit others by then adding your name to a list of potential donors.

Can't donate but still want to help?

You can help Lou in many different ways:

  • Check out our Facebook page, Like it, comment on it, and pass it on to your friends, family and acquaintances... the more people know about Lou and her need for a kidney, the more the chances of coming across someone who can donate their kidney!
  • Tell your local media about Lou - newspaper editors who are always looking for a human interest story, or anyone else you can think of who can help spread the message.


Lou faces 5 years on a kidney transplant waiting list so is asking for your help!

Lou is a not a celebrity - no one "special". But she is "special" to her family and they don't want to lose her.

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Lou faces 5 years on a kidney transplant waiting list so is asking for your help!

It's amazing how such a small organ in our bodies can cause so many problems and be potentially deadly...

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Help another human being in eed - donate a kidney!

Donate a kidney to Lou and help save her life! Read more about the Kidney Paired Donation (KPD) program.

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Lou faces 5 years on a kidney transplant waiting list so is asking for your help!

Are you willing to help? Let's start a conversation! Contact Lou to get the ball rolling...

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