Lou is asking for your help in finding a live kidney donor to facilitate a kidney transplant for her!

Lou is a woman in her 50’s living in Vancouver, BC. In 2011 she suffered complete and unexpected kidney failure, putting her on dialysis where she received a grim prognosis that her kidneys would never recover and she would need a kidney transplant. Kidney failure put an end to a career as an executive assistant for a large corporation. Although family members tried to donate their kidney, they were unsuccesful.

Never giving up, Lou ate well, exercised well, focused on creating wonderful designs that she would sew and simply give away to all her friends and family, as a means to stay positive in her life.

Staying positive and pushing herself to the limit, she eventually was able to go off dialysis and lead a fairly healthy and productive life.

Unfortunately, the bear has now come back! Lou recently received the news from her medical team that her kidneys are failing once more and has been put back on dialysis. Lou now needs to have a kidney transplant from a Blood Type O donor as soon as possible

Realizing that the 5 year waiting list for a kidney transplant is probably longer than she has, Lou has decided to use today's wonderful technology, such as websites and Social Media to get her plight out in the public's eye, hoping to find a kind and generous donor willing to help her out.

Even if you, as a potential live kidney donor, you are not well matched to Lou, you can still donate and help her receive a much needed transplant from someone else through the Kidney Paired Donation (KPD) program.

A Daughter, A Sister, An Auntie, An Artist...Laurie (Lou) loves to spend time with her family and friends. Our hope is that thanks to the generosity of some kind soul out there, she will be able to continue doing so for a very long time to come! She thanks you in advance, and her family thanks you as well!

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